Key Investment Data

Strong linkage with shareholders

HMC Polymers Co., Ltd., is a major offtaker of propylene from PTT Global Chemical Plc (GC), which illustrates output connection in the propylene business line. GC assigned HMC Polymers to serve as its PP flagship, without competition between the two, thus illustrating strategic relationship between them. Both GC and LyondellBasell are represented on HMC Polymers’ board of directors, representing more than half of the board composition; the board also features fair rotation of executives as HMC Polymers’ chief executive.

PP business leader of Southeast Asia

The year 2022 marks HMC Polymers’ capacity expansion in PP production by over 1 million tons per year with the completion of the fourth production line, making HMC Polymers the leading PP producer of Southeast Asia.

Focus on High-Value-Added Products

HMC Polymers focuses on specialty and differentiated products, which have lower competition and higher margins.

Leader in technology and product development

HMC Polymers leads the field in the production of PP for pipes and medical products in Thailand and is the very first PP producer in the LyondellBasell Group to produce dielectric film.