HMC Polymers' product stewardship strategy focuses on health, safety and environmental protection as an integral part of the development, manufacture, distribution, end-use, recycling and disposal methods of all our products.

Corporate Responsibility

Our customers depend on us to provide products that meet or exceed all applicable quality and safety standards. Therefore, we must ensure that we comply with quality controls and all related laws and regulations.

Potential product hazards are intrinsic characteristics with the potential to cause harm, such as flammability, toxicity and corrosivity

For medical grades in particular, HMC Polymers has established a specific procedure to ensure medical contact material compliance throughout the entire supply chain – from raw material qualification and production up to end-use risk assessment.

In addition to promoting the safe, responsible handling of products at our own manufacturing sites, we work closely with our suppliers, carriers, distributors and customers to help them maintain high safety and environmental standards ensuring the quality of the products and services they provide to us is at the highest level.

Our support includes: technical assistance, logistic support as well as health, safety and environmental advice.

Products For a More Sustainable Future

HMC Polymers is committed to product solutions that bring together the goals of outstanding customer value and sustainable development.

As the world's population increases, so too does demand for environmentally friendly technologies and product solutions, such as polypropylene, that have the ability to deliver benefits which assist sustainability. These include: pure drinking water piping system, efficient sewage systems, optimised healthcare delivery, and reduced product weight from food packaging to cars, to name a few. All of this from a fully recyclable product source.

Polypropylene can offer all these benefits, and HMC Polymers is committed to staying at the forefront of the technology curve to provide our customers with the latest means to deliver products for a more sustainable future.

Product stewardship is not just about what happens today however. Future generations should be able to receive benefits due to conservation of natural resources and protection in a world where population growth is creating increased demands for water, food, shelter, sanitation, energy, health services and economic security.

HMC Polymers is committed to continuous evaluation and upgrade of our product stewardship protocols in a world that is changing fast. We want to ensure that the PP products manufactured by HMC Polymers play a vital role in improving the quality of people's lives now and well into the future.

Product Information and International Compliance Data

Comprehensive product characteristics, safety, chemical and international compliance information relating to each product offered by HMC Polymers is available from three sources shown on the Products List page and available for download:

  • TDS - Technical Data Sheet
  • SDS - Safety Data Sheet
  • RAPIDS - Regulatory Affairs Product Stewardship Information/Certification Data Sheet

Please note:

Ultimately customers must make their own determination that their use of our products is safe, lawful (except as provided in the above certifications) and technically suitable for their intended applications. Because of possible changes in the law and in regulations, HMC Polymers recommends that customers continuing to use our products verify status every year from the issue date of the RAPIDS.