The Right Way

What is HMC Polymers’ Code of Conduct?

Our Code of Conduct prescribes the desired behaviour expected of employees to realise the corporate vision through ethical decision-making. The code helps us uphold trust from stakeholders, namely employees, shareholders, the government, local communities, customers, vendors, and business partners, each of whom plays a contributing role in our success.

Above all, our Code of Conduct outlines our strategy for doing business the right way, every day.

Who must follow our Code of Conduct?

Our code applies to all employees, officers, directors, contractors, and consultants working on behalf of the company.  In addition, we expect our vendors and business partners to adopt similar principles when working with or for us.

While each of us is to learn and follow the code, executives have additional obligations.  As managers or supervisors, all leaders must provide role models for their subordinates, fostering an open environment that allows staff to freely ask questions and raise issues.


Respect for fellow employees

At HMC Polymers, we are committed to the ultimate standards of fairness and mutual respect. We believe our commitment will be achievable through positive thinking and unity of all members of the organisation.

To thrive in the global market, we recognise the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of our employees.

Therefore, we encourage open communication to share ideas and raise concerns. Each of us must support and promote divergent thinking by respecting the individual talents and opinions of our colleagues.


Not only must we respect the diversity of our workforce, but we must remain committed to non-discriminatory practices. This means HMC Polymers never bases employment decisions on such traits as race, gender, colour, age, sexual orientation, religion, and disability.

Commitment to safety excellence

Working safely is a core value at HMC Polymers. We are determined to never allow the safe and responsible use of our resources to be compromised. It also means we must be dedicated to safety excellence; nothing should matter more than working safely. We therefore strive to create a workplace where “no one gets hurt, anywhere, anytime”.

Our reputation

We uphold our reputation and keep our community and stakeholder relations robust through appropriate dialogues. Our reputation for transparency is based on the information we publicise. This means that disclosure of information must reflect an image of fair and righteous operations.

Accurate accounting and financial reports

Our shareholders value each employee’s honesty and integrity, particularly when assessing corporate financial strength.

It is therefore crucial that we maintain accurate and transparent accounting while strictly observing international accounting standards.

Those responsible for finance and accounting must ensure that our accounting methods are accurate, reflecting a transparent and candid financial status of the company.

In addition to compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements, we must strictly follow our accounting and internal-control policies. Incomplete or inaccurate financial disclosure not only damages our reputation but also harms our stakeholders, who rely on our financial accuracy.

Fair treatment of customers and agents

Doing business the right way means we always provide accurate and fair information about our company and competitors to all our customers, vendors, and business partners.

We must always engage in moral and ethical marketing as well as sales strategies and communications. We will never misrepresent our own products or those of competitors.

In addition, we will never take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation or abuse of proprietary information, misrepresentation, or other unethical or unlawful practices.

No bribery

We do not tolerate any form of bribery or allow a third party to offer or receive any commercial bribe on behalf of an HMC Polymers employee.

Respect for antitrust and competition laws

Delivering excellence to our customers means doing our part to ensure they have access to quality products and services at fair prices. Even though HMC Polymers strives to be a market leader, we must compete ethically and lawfully.

We must ensure that all companies play by the same rules and competition laws, which generally prohibit them from price fixing, marketing segmentation, making collusive agreement with competitors, and taking actions that could harm customers or restrict competition.

So, whatever we do in our business operations, we must observe the letter and spirit of competition laws.

Operating as a corporate citizen

Our commitment to excellence means the commitment to respect for human rights at all our sites, regardless of local custom.

We do not use child or forced labour. We not only offer fair compensation and respect fair work hours but also promote health and safety of our workers at all sites.

Respect for human rights is part of our consideration when we select business partners. Should any violation of policies or laws concerning human rights, labour, and compensation be discovered, the case must be reported to Human Resource or Corporate Affairs.

HMC Polymers does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who makes a report of such violations in good faith.

Business ethics

At HMC Polymers, we have developed our Code of Conduct that suggests a standard expected of all our employees in their decision-making and business activities, which will help us achieve our corporate vision to ultimately become a leader in the world market.