Underlying HMC Polymers’ principle of sustainable development are integrity, mutual trust and respect, and commitment to the ultimate standard on Health, Safety, Environment, and Social responsibility.

At HMC Polymers, our workforce plays an instrumental role in driving our principle toward consistent compliance.

Our operations scope arises from our commitment to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management, which is connected to Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG), a concept of sustainable organisation development widely held among worldwide investors in supporting their investment decisions.  Emphasis is given to business characterised by three aspects of responsibility:  Environmental (the company’s environmental responsibility), Social (how earnestly the company manages relations and communication with employees, business partners, customers, communities, or stakeholders), and Governance (the company’s management of business governance for efficiency, transparency, accountability, and consideration of stakeholders).  In other words, ESG fosters confidence in HMC Polymers’ business by echoing business responsibility for its stakeholders and presenting HMC Polymers’ business development performance to achieve sustainable growth.