Over three decades of growth and progress

HMC Polymers operates business with corporate social responsibility with full awareness and value given to supporting activities for society and adjacent communities. We continually pay attention to their well-being and desire to work with related parties by forging ahead with the development and extension of cordial relations, which arise from mutual acceptance and trust. Along the way, we take into consideration potential impact on stakeholders, society at large, and the country while cultivating attitudes and a corporate culture of acting responsibly with co-existing society.

Today, HMC Polymers has applied social responsibility by leveraging its concept, business model, resources, and expertise to create economic and social values simultaneously. To this end, we optimise our resources and expertise and cater to clear issues or social needs, augmented by creativity for creating shared values with related parties through cooperating with allies for greater efficiency. In place are guidelines for resource allocation and internal management to accommodate such work and its extension, together with procedures for evaluating, monitoring, improving, developing, or continual sharing of knowledge.