Message from the President

The resolve and proficiency of each of our employees are the force that drives HMC Polymers towards success to win admiration from customers. For further success, HMC Polymers has developed a framework that exhibits the company’s vision, reflecting our belief in the core values and corporate culture, which forms the foundation that everyone at HMC Polymers bases their everyday performance on. Each letter in HMC stands for:

  • H - the highest commitment to the success of HMC Polymers as well as safety and well-being of our stakeholders
  • M - mutual respect, trust, and integrity
  • C - creativity to drive improvement whilst compliant in all our actions.

To materialise these values, we need to have business guidelines, known as ‘Code of Conduct’, which prescribe business goals and performance standard expected of all staff.

Actions are what determines each person’s worth. Therefore, the code should not be regarded as just a business rule. The right conduct should arise from everyone’s genuine intention, not just because it is required by regulations. However, such intention should conform to the spirit of corporate rules and regulations, which will result in mutual understanding and trust.

All of us must maintain our ethical standard with our utmost integrity. This includes compliance with laws and the Code of Conduct. To this end, we must be alert for any violation of the code so that corrective actions can be promptly made.

Please peruse this code and familiarise yourself with its spirit, since you are required to master it and conform accordingly.

Above all, we must do our best in performing our duties and contribute to business achievement. Understanding of key corporate values and expectations will support efficient communication and rapid flow of work whilst fostering unity.

I would like to thank all of you for your ceaseless dedication to HMC Polymers and your attempt to uphold business ethics as stated in the Code of Conduct.


Siridech Kumvongdee
President | HMC Polymers Company Limited