Our crucial duty: Health and Safety measures

Convinced that employees’ good health is at the heart of business and efficient operations, HMC Polymers strives to keep the workforce safe through safe workplaces and support to healthy well-being at large.

To this end, we have received cooperation from employees in matters like coping with change, management of challenges of aged labour, coping with long-term disability, stress management, and work-life balance.

Process Safety Management (PSM)

Our PSM is the heart of excellence of production and operations particularly dealing with the storage of hazardous materials in specialised locations, including pipes, tanks, and storage, to keep people as well as the environment safe.

PSM starts from project design and formulation, together with operation throughout the service life, to ensure safe operations while bolstering confidence with sound operation principles. We have also applied the approach of transformation in process safety (PS), focusing on employees’ treatment of such processes and principles.

Committed to the covenant to improve work safety efficiency, our senior management has defined a goal for TRC since production began in 1987 so as to cultivate safety awareness among the workforce.

Thanks to our focus on creating work safety for our personnel at work as well as the requirement for implementing safety behaviour plans and reporting undesirable incidents, we achieved our safety goal on May 12, 2019, when HMC Polymers won praise from LyondellBasell for achieving 10 million man-hours of continuous safe operations with 0 TRC.

And onward we will proceed, with all levels of work safety control for HMC Polymers’ employees, contractors, and business partners, since all sectors represent part of the success related to safety.

HMC Polymers’ core value is work safety. We pledge never to compromise when it comes to operating at the expense of safety for whatever reasons.

Since nothing is more important than safety, we are committed to promoting a workplace where “no one gets hurt, anywhere, anytime”. All employees must abide by this code and policy.

All employees and contractors are free to report violations of HMC Polymers’ rules and policies, actual or potential, in line with the procedures and terms stated in HMC Polymers’ Code of Conduct.