Polymer Solutions

Aspiring to be ‘A Most Admired Company’, HMC Polymers has developed products that serve multiple applications and compatible with all production processes. We now own the latest PP innovation that can raise business operators’ competitive edge, replacing older PP products.

Our PP

Our PP products represent a basic component in the manufacture of numerous everyday products, including general consumer goods, packaging products for fresh and dried food, auto parts and electrical appliances, durable textiles, medical tools, and special-grade water pipes. PP polymers produced by HMC Polymers include:

Moplen (HOMO)
Moplen (HECO)
Moplen (RACO)
Hostalen PP
Homopolymers (HOMO) under the Moplen brand

Homopolymers command high heat resistance and rigidity, suitable for processing into various products for general and specific uses.

Heterophasic Copolymers (HECO) under the Moplen brand

Heterophasic Copolymers (HECO) are a special-grade PP made by polymerising rubber into a polymer composite, thus resulting in polymers with high elasticity, excellent shock absorption at low temperatures, and rigidity.

Random Copolymers (RACO) under the Moplen brand

Random Copolymers are clear polymers derived from mixing monomers into polymer chains, resulting in polymers with improved translucence, commonly used for making transparent packaging products.

Special-grade PP under the Adstif brand

Adstif is the brand for special-grade PP featuring superior stiffness, shock absorption, and HDT to standard-grade PP.

PP under the Clyrell brand

Clyrell commands superior transparency to general PP, suitable for processing into various products.

PP under the Purell brand

Purell products suit upmarket healthcare products in both industrial and service industries. The products, offering formulation consistency and supply continuity, are certified by several standards, including the European Pharmacopeia and US Pharmacopeia.

PP under the Adsyl brand

Adsyl consists of Random Copolymers and Terpolymers, feedstock for the coating layer in sealing technology and film extrusion technology, such as BOPP, Double Bubble, Cast, and Blown Film.

PP under the Hostalen PP brand

Hostalen PP polymers are PP Copolymers required by customers for making pipes, sheet extrusion, and injection plumbing fittings. They are designed for high-pressure piping systems, hot water pipelines, drainage, and sewer systems.

Enhancing Potential of PP

HMC Polymers strives for innovation while continuously diversifying processing applications. Our PP properties have thus been developed to better replace conventional polymers and other materials in cost-saving, moulding, light conduction, impact absorption, light weight, recyclability, and aesthetic design.

The newly improved PP using modern technology to drive our processes, particularly the Spherizone process, enables processing of polymers that cannot be produced with common PP technology.

These advanced properties include:

  • Combination of Homopolymers’ rigidity with Random Copolymers’ transparency and moulding properties
  • Extreme strength in extrusion condition
  • The new Heterophasic Copolymers, a specialty-grade PP, derived from combination of outstanding properties of higher rigidity and outstanding impact absorption at low temperatures
  • Combination of transparency and impact absorption for application at low temperatures

Delivering Values through Product Diversity

Rigid packaging

To answer everyday needs for durable and well-designed PP products, HMC Polymers offers rigid-packaging products that are aesthetically designed and transparent, with a premium quality as well as a nice balance of mechanical properties. Our rigid-packaging products are transformed into various types of lids, culinary items, general household products, and food packaging products.

Flexible packaging

HMC Polymers boasts assorted PP products for blown film extrusion, biaxially oriented PP (BOPP), and cast polypropylene film, applicable for making food packaging and many other general goods. We provide high-quality film that is a good moisture and oxygen barrier, is puncture-resistant and durable, but still transparent and readily sealable, which increases film production efficiency through cost-effectiveness.

Health & Hygiene products

To address the rising demand for healthcare applications, HMC Polymers offers PP of exceptional standard for making medical equipment and spunbonded products.
Obtained under a special process with a constant formula and continuous supply, Purell is a premium medical-grade product certified by various standards, including the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), European Pharmacopoeia, and Drug Master File (DMF).

Industrial products

Our products are outstanding for industrial applications with such properties as high heat resistance, durability, rigidity, light weight, and chemical resistance. They are highly applicable for making automotive engines, electrical appliances, pipes, compounds, and industrial packaging products.

Rigid packaging

Flexible packaging

Health & Hygiene products

Industrial products