Safeguarding our environment

Always recognising that excellence in all operations is key to sound environmental performance, we control our operations to minimise environmental impact with modern, safe, and reliable technology,

We develop products that enable customers to use energy and water with higher efficiency while conforming to prevailing environmental laws and regulations.

HMC Polymers is firmly committed to its pledge to keep operations on a par with ultimate standards on the environment and energy, together with the management of resources and impact of product manufacture that favors sustainable development, including:

  • Lighter auto-parts to lower fuel consumption
  • Water piping systems and sustainable wastewater management of developing countries
  • Reduced consumption of plastics with innovations featuring materials with thin walls and materials for food containers
  • Worldwide recycling over the long term, including reusable car PP battery cases.

Our plants relentlessly command control over environmental operations. An ISO 14001 audit found that HMC Polymers had set criteria for quality improvement projects that manage various issues with primary regard for local surroundings.

Critical environmental indicators, including total energy consumption, solid waste generation, and release of waste to the atmosphere and water sources, are routinely as well as stringently controlled and measured at work sites.

Efficient resource management

At HMC Polymers, we fully recognise that more efficient resource management leads to superior environmental and business performances. This is one reason why we continually keep reducing resource consumption as well as generating less waste, not to mention our application of novel technologies and products to cater to prevailing needs.