HMC & EPG Combine for Field Beds

HMC's Community Response Program has donated needed PPE items nationwide with a focus on field hospitals located in high risk provinces such as Samutsakorn, Rayong, Pathumthani and others in the Eastern Thailand area. In addition, to address needs in intensive care units (ICU), HMC has donated critical care equipment and other needed items due to patient overflow to ancillary hospital locations.

September 30, 2012 – The handover ceremony with EPG and HMC management staff at the Aeroklas manufacturing facility prior to the shipment of field beds to the Narathiwas Provincial Public Health Office.

Left to Right:

  • Khun Pachareeya Suriyachai, Director EPG Innovation Center Co., Ltd. (EIC)
  • Khun Buphapan Panthong, Khun Buphapan Panthong, HMC Public Affairs and CSR Manager
  • Khun Vasun Subanake, HMC Senior Vice President - Manufacturing and Operational Excellence
  • Khun Kwanpracha Boonkwang, Deputy Director of EPG innovation Center Co., Ltd. (EIC)

To further address the patient overflow problem in hospitals due to the volume of COVID patients, HMC Polymers has partnered with our valued customer EPG (Eastern Polymer Group) in the production and donation of 500 lightweight hospital field beds.

The beds have been blow molded using HMC Moplen EP310D Polypropylene by the EPG Group company Aeroklas Co.Ltd. and distributed to field hospital nationwide in locations of critical need including Rayong, Sattahip and Narathiwas.

Moplen EP310D is a high melt strength PP impact copolymer resin providing excellent processability for blow molding and also with a very high impact strength capability making it suitable as a rigid material for a hospital field bed.

Aeroklas or ARK has been producing finished rubber and plastic products for over 50 years and is a major global manufacturer of large blow moulded products such as liners for pickup trucks.

The field bed is 91 cm wide x 210 cm long x 30cm thick and has a total weight of only 20 Kg. It can carry patients of up to 200 Kg. The PP field bed is able to be easily cleaned with alcohol or other disinfectant chemicals since PP has very high chemical resistance.

In addition, the bed can be installed ready to use in less than 5 minutes and packs flat for easy shipment. Following the pandemic requirement the beds can be reused or recycled as required.

HMC is grateful to have concerned customers such as EPG and their company Aeroklas with whom to collaborate and contribute during these difficult times for our local communities. We offer them our sincere thanks.