CSR-DIW Continuous Award for HMC

HMC Polymers was recently recognised by the Department of Industrial Work, Thailand Ministry of Industry, with the 2021 CSR-DIW Continuous Award for its PP and PDF plants.

This prestigious award is given by the Department to promote responsible operations and improvements towards the goal of sustainability for industrial plants and facilities in Thailand. HMC was proud to receive this award for 12th consecutive year for both plants.

The CSR-DIW award for HMC continues the company's best practice performance for Corporate Social Responsibility activities meeting the high standard as prescribed by the Department of Industrial Work. We are committed to building and maintaining a trusting and mutually beneficial long term relationship with our neighbouring communities. The CSR-DIW awards are based on a similar concept to ISO 9001, 9002 and 14001 – standards which HMC Polymers has attained.

Mr Siridech Kumvongdee, HMC President, was pleased to accept the award for HMC Polymers at the virtual award ceremony of CSR-DIW Continuous Award 2021 via the online Zoom platform.

Mr. Panuwat Triyangkulsri, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry and Mr. Verakit Rantakittanawat, Deputy Director, Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry were in attendance to present the award.

Khun Siridech commented: "These awards are a recognition of the high standard of the HMC Polymers' HSE programs currently in place. They also recognise that our dedicated staff are effectively carrying the programs forward as required and we thank them very much for a job well done. Nevertheless, at HMC we do not take HSE performance for granted and we are continuously questioning all aspects of our programs and looking for areas of improvement across our operations.”

CSR-DIW started the award program in 2008 with the concept to promote community involvement and development in areas including education and culture, employment creation, skills development and health. After receiving a CSR-DIW award, companies can apply for the Continuous Award and other awards every year based on the successful completion of refresher courses and operational audits by the Ministry of Industry.

CSR-DIW Continuous award has been given to the companies that demonstrate in their operations full compliance with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards. These standards are in line with HMC’s sustainable community and social responsibility policy, which has a particular concern and focus on the promotion and development of the Circular Economy.