HMC Assists HIV/AIDS Program

As part of HMC's ongoing community support and engagement activities, we were pleased to recently contribute consumable goods to Camillian Social Center Rayong on the occasion of World AIDS Day.

The Camillian Social Center in Rayong is focused on HIV/AIDS in the community and the provision of assistance and care of HIV infected people, AIDS patients, and support for the families and children of deceased AIDS patients.

The Center also offers training in safe-sex education and HIV/AIDS prevention and it's mission is the care of those infected and prevention of the further spread of the disease. In January 2021 the Center entered its 25th year of delivering critical care for HIV/AIDS patients in the Rayong area.

The HMC Polymers’ Management Team, represented by Khun Buphaphan Panthong, HMC Public Affairs and CSR Manager, and HMC employees distributed consumable items to Camillian Social Center Rayong in a brief ceremony.

The donated items, including clothing, bags, shoes, toys and books in good condition formed part of the sale items for the Camillian World AIDS Day Fair held at Khok Nong Na during 26-27 November 2021. The proceeds from this event will go towards the provision of utilities for children and patients.

Father Wuthichai Boonbunlu, Director of Camillian Social Center Rayong, with his working team were on hand to receive the distribution of goods from HMC Polymers and expressed thanks for the contributions.

The Camillian Social Center Rayong has as its Target group for assistance:

  • AIDS patients and homeless poor people who may have been ostracised by their families and the community
  • HIV-infected orphans
  • People with HIV including the families affected and the patients who may be cared for at home
  • Infected students and labor workers from Rayong Province and nearby provinces

HMC is pleased to contribute to the Camillian Social Center's holistic assistance, care, pastoral care, and promotion of health recovery for those affected. The Camillian HIV/AIDS program is provided in the spirit of St. Camillo Delallis (founder of the Camillian Order) in caring for the sick with love despite personal risks.