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The spirit of discovery that created the polyolefins industry and one of the most versatile and widely used families of plastics in the world - polypropylene - is alive at HMC Polymers and through our technology and joint-venture heritage.

HMC Polymers offers exceptional service and value to our customers through a broad product portfolio manufactured in our latest technology production facilities. Our products improve the quality of life for people in Asia and around the world.   read more

Latest News

24 December 2020

Debenture Closing Ceremony Closing Ceremony for HMC’s Inaugural Debenture Offering On 23 December 2020, HMC conducted a closing ceremony for its inaugural... read more

25 November 2020

PP Line IV Update The new HMC PP Plant Line IV site, planning and site preparation is now well underway. HMC’s total PP capacity of 4 production lines... read more

24 November 2020

Environment Awards for HMC HMC regards our firm commitment to the highest possible standards of environmental and energy performance as a business priority. Compliance... read more

23 November 2020

The One Grade Solution HMC is pleased to announce an exciting new PP RACO grade: Moplen RP6068 The One Grade Solution Moplen RP6068 delivers high impact... read more