In the area of workplace safety, HMC Polymers is dedicated to continuously improving its approach to process safety and the personal safety of employees and contractors. For us, nothing is more important.

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The HMC Health and Safety Priority

HMC’s commitment to the well-being of its employees extends beyond the provision of a safe working environment. Our company regards the health of its employees as a business-critical issue and encourages a broad-based approach to health.

Our collaboration with employees to promote good health includes areas such as: coping with change, addressing the challenges of an aging workforce, dealing with long-term disabilities, stress management and work/life balance.

Process Safety

Process Safety is a key discipline within HMC Polymers’ HSE Management System, which is actively applied to HMC’s manufacturing operations.

Process Safety considers the design, operation and maintenance of our facilities with the objective of eliminating or reducing the potential for operational incidents which could affect safety or health or impact the environment.

HMC Polymers utilises guidelines for managing Process Safety which includes the establishment of design criteria which define the HSE requirements for new processes.

HMC production sites are given regular technical safety and integrity audits of the processes by cross-functional teams with HSE, operations, maintenance and engineering experience, to determine if the correct systems used to manage Health, Safety and the Environment are in place and functioning correctly.

Recommendations from these audits result in continuous improvements to our management systems and processes.

HMC Polymers’ HSE representatives conduct seminars and training throughout the company on an ongoing basis. These Process Safety training programmes review the risks associated the processes in place, previous incidents that may have occurred at HMC’s facilities, and the management systems that should be in place to prevent incidents.

We have a long tradition of innovation in process development, where enhanced product capability has gone hand-in-hand with improved process safety, environmental impact and reduced resource intensity.

Personal Safety and Health

As part of a continuous commitment to improve safety performance, senior management at HMC Polymers has set a challenging target for Total Recordable (injury) Cases (TRC) which has built on a trend of significant improvement since the start of company operations in 1987.

With considerable focus on this key subject and the adoption of initiatives including behavioural safety programmes and near miss reporting, the safety goal for this year, which includes contractors, was surpassed. On May 12, 2019, our company was recognized by our JV Associate, LyondellBasell for achieving the milestone of 10 million continuous safe work hours with a TRC result of zero reportable incidents.

Going forward, close involvement of the HMC workforce and our contractors/suppliers will be vital to continued success in safety performance. The high level target and commitment is to consolidate our current best-in-class position.

Working safely is a core value of HMC Polymers. We make the commitment to never allow the safe, responsible operation of our facilities to be compromised for any reason.

It also means we must remain dedicated to safety excellence. Nothing matters more to us more than working safely – and we therefore strive to create a workplace in which “no one gets hurt, anywhere, at any time.” Our Code of Conduct and company policies must be followed by every person on Company premises at all times.

Our employees and contractors are requested to report any actual or suspected violations of Company rules and policies consistent with the steps and requirements outlined in our corporate Code of Conduct.