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HMC At-a-glance HMC Polymers is a leader in the manufacture and marketing of polypropylene and our vision is to be Asia’s number ONE in PP. We strive to offer exceptional value to our... read more
Purell RP271M | Product Information Purell RP271M is the next generation PP random copolymer used by customers in injection moulded and ISBM product applications for the medical market. Purell RP271M offers... read more
Purell RP271G | Product Information Purell RP271G is a PP random copolymer used by customers in extruded and blow moulded products and packaging designed for the medical market. As with all Purell PP grades, RP271G... read more
Moplen HP748H | Product Information Moplen HP748H is a high performance PP homopolymer with an excellent stiffness/impact balance and superior clarity for thermoforming. HP748H was developed for manufacturers seeking... read more
Adstif HA849K | Product Information Adstif HA849K is an innovative homopolymer providing good levels of transparency and gloss with ultra-high stiffness for new packaging trends. HA849K enables packaging to be... read more