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The Product Table includes all the grades currently available in the comprehensive HMC Polymers' polypropylene portfolio grouped by PP Resin Type in order of Melt Flow (MFR). In addition to the site search feature, the convenient menus below allow visitors to search by PP Type, MFR and Application.

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p Product Information m MSDS Data r Link to RAPIDS: Regulatory Affairs Product Stewardship Information / Certification Data Sheet
Heterophasic copolymers
H2483 0.30 1800 510 Hostalen PP impact copolymer for non-pressure pipes p m
EP310D 0.7 1100 No Break Corrugated sheet, TF containers, AQ blown film applications p m r
EA6052 1.5 1650 180 High stiffness impact copolymer polypropylene for TF applications p m
EP300H 1.8 1150 No Break High impact grade for corrugated sheet and board, TF containers, stationery p m r
EP400L 5.0 1220 132 High impact grade for pails, crates, appliances, toys and technical compounding p m r
EP545L 6.0 1480 77 CSD and hot-fill closures p m r
EP344N 10 1250 170 Very high impact for pails, crates, technical compounding and appliances p m r
EP540N 12 1540 80 High stiffness/impact for rigid packaging, consumer and compounding p m r
EP549N 12 1350 100 Battery cases, industrial containers, motorcycle parts p m r
EP120P 18 600 32 Coating for paper, woven sacks and jumbo bags p m r
EP341R 24 1150 60 High flow grade for appliances p m r
EP229S 32 1000 16 High speed extrusion coating for woven bags p m r
EP380T 44 1150 64 High impact, high flow resin for appliances and compounding p m r
EP548S 44 1500 46 High stiffness/impact grade, anti static for rigid packaging and consumer p m r
EP549T 60 1500 40 High flow, stiffness/impact grade for appliances and technical compounding p m r
EP546T 60 1550 40 Thin wall food packaging, high speed injection molding p m r
HP500D 0.5 1560 104 Low sag for TF containers and sheet, high stiffness for AQ blown film p m r
HP748H 2.0 1800 47 High stiffness homopolymer with superior clarity for thermoforming p m r
HP400H 2.1 1450 40 Slit tape, straws, rope, TF cups, stationery, sheets p m r
HP525J 2.8 1500 34 Metallizable high stiffness BOPP resin p m r
HP6047 3.0 1700 31 Specially designed for dielectric BOPP and Metallizable BOPP film. p m
HA849K 3.5 2150 30 Very high stiffness and high clarity PP homopolymer for thermoforming p m r
HP400K 4.0 1400 32 Slit tape, straws p m r
HP500L 6.0 1550 34 Good stiffness/impact balance for slit tape, monofilament p m r
HP400M 7.5 1450 27 Caps and closures, and containers p m r
HP520M 8.0 1550 28 Core layer CPP film p m r
HP527NA 11 1450 27 Water quenched blown films for packaging for apparel food and others p m
HP500N 12 1480 25 Housewares, furniture, containers and toys p m r
HP648N 12 1870 32 High stiffness for caps and closures p m r
HP553R 22 1500 20 Staple fibres and filaments with anti-gas feeding, houseware containers p m r
HP561R 25 1240 24 Spunbond nonwoven and filaments with anti-gas fading p m r
HP563T 55 1450 20 Spunbond nonwovens with anti-gas fading p m r
HP562T 60 1390 14 Spunbond nonwovens with anti-gas fading p m r
HP544T 60 1700 26 High flow, good stiffness/impact balance, rigid packaging, consumer p m r
HP640U 75 1750 26 High flow polypropylene for thin wall injection molding (TWIM) p m r
HP649U 75 1800 23 Drinking cups, Food containers , Thin wall injection products, High speed injection molding part p m r
Random copolymers
H5416T 0.30 850 580 Natural color PP RACO resin with high melt viscosity and creep resistance p m
RP6068 1.0 620 600 Rigid packaging, Big container with good drop impact resistance, Squeezable container, Thermoforming p m
RP242G 1.5 920 No Break High clarity for bottles and sheets and stationery sheets p m r
RP271G 1.7 900 80 EBM IV bottles, extrusion medical products, medical packaging films p m r
RC2472 7.0 550 80 Random copolymer polypropylene with improved printability for BOPP films p m
RP271M 8.0 1030 50 ISBM IV bottles, IM medical products, laboratory devices p m r
RC213M 10 1100 31 Sealing layer for metallized CPP film p m r
RP225N 11 880 40 Sealing layer for CPP lamination film p m r
RP348N 11 1050 70 Clarity for containers, bottles, housewares, cosmetic caps, ISBM and IM p m r
RP6061 14 950 60 Caps and closures, injection stretch blow molding containers, food packaging and housewares p m
RP346R 25 1050 50 Household containers, thin wall food packaging, ISBM bottles, furniture p m r
RP348S 35 1030 47 CD/DVD cases, housewares p m r
6064 5.5 730 50 Terpolymer with low SIT for skin layer of CPP and BOPP films p m
6089 5.5 840 52 Skin layer of PO shrink films p m
RC6081 6 760 47 Skin layer of co-extruded BOPP films p m
6093 6.5 730 50 Terpolymers with antiblock, low SIT for skin layer of CPP films p m
RC221M 7.0 850 47 ´╗┐Skin layer of co-extruded CPP and BOPP films p m r
RC6049A 7.0 860 47 Sealing layer of CPP film, metallizable layer of CPP film p m