HMC Connect Q2 2012

HMC Connect Q2 2012
Asia's number One in PP

Dear Customers and Stakeholders, welcome to the second quarter edition of HMC Connect. We appreciate the opportunity to keep you updated on HMC news and events including new PP grades with enhanced capabilities of clarity, stiffness, impact and processability. more

Interview: Rohit Vashistha – Polyplex (Thailand)


HMC interviews Mr. Rohit Vashistha, Managing Director of Polyplex (Thailand). Polyplex Corporation Ltd. of India is one of the world's largest producers of thin film. Mr. Vashistha discusses the company's film businesses, the SEA market, innovation and collaboration with HMC. more

Latest News

HSE Update

12-2-news-1.jpg New HOMO Packaging Upgrade
Product:  New packaging grade HP6029 offers weight savings while passing strict property, clarity and organoleptic testing. The new product offers advantages of durability, longer shelf life and improved shipping capability. more

For the 2012 Q1 period, HMC has compiled reporting for emissions and waste.

The figures combine two HMC plant complexes based in Rayong Province: PP (3 plants) and PDH (1 plant) and are reported in total tons (combined emissions of PP and PDH) per tons of PP material produced. For Hz, Non-Hz and Waste Recovery we use the direct numbers of waste generated from plant processes. more

12-2-news-3.jpg HMC On Display At Seminar
Product:  At a recent PTT Marketing seminar, HMC presented new products including Moplen EP6004 and Moplen EP6006. Both grades deliver improved end-use and processing benefits for high volume products. more
12-2-news-2.jpg HMC & Customers Assist Flood Relief
Community:  A group of eighty HMC employees and customers donated time and materials to assist an Ayutthaya Temple and School which were directly affected by the recent flood disaster in Thailand. more

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