Mission, Vision & Values

HMC Polymers can only achieve our vision of being A Most Admired Company by living out our stated values and principles on a daily basis. Our core values impact everything we do ensuring that we always act with honesty and fairness.

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To capture and deliver the full potential of PP and HMC for our customers
HMC Polymers is in business to deliver exceptional value to its customers, employees, communities and investors by innovating, manufacturing and marketing latest technology polypropylene that improves the quality of people’s lives. We strive to differentiate our business through customer service and operational excellence based on ethical and sustainable practice and uncompromised safety for our employees and local communities.


To be A Most Admired Company and Asia's Preferred Partner
A market leader for the manufacture and marketing of polypropylene in Asia and beyond, HMC Polymers will strive for superior performance, and the highest standards of business practice, safety and social responsibility.


H is for Highest Commitment to the Success of HMC and Safety and Well-being of our stakeholders

  • Our attitude to Safety is enshrined in our “Goal Zero” mindset
  • We care for the well-being of our employees – and our contractors and neighbors
  • We believe in and promote the positive contribution our products make to modern society
  • We strive for minimum Environmental impact from our operations to the extent feasible

M is for Mutual Respect, Trust and Integrity

  • Our workplace embraces honesty, openness, and above all respect for each other
  • We collaborate, share and support each other – and are open to giving and receiving respectful challenge
  • We do not blame others when things go wrong – but we are accountable for our individual actions
  • We aim to build mutual trust with our customers, suppliers, contractors and other stakeholders
  • We adopt the highest standards of business ethics and integrity in all our operations – and fully comply with legal requirements at all times

C is for Creativity to drive improvement whilst Compliant in all our actions

  • We are adaptable and agile in changing circumstances
  • We bring a positive outlook and creative ideas to generate value and drive continuous improvement in our performance
  • However we will rigorously follow rules and procedures where needed to bring structure and maintain control