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At HMC Polymers, creating innovative polypropylene products that meet customer needs is a way of life. New initiatives and upgrades are a regular part of our business operations and Latest News keeps visitors informed and up-to-date.

21 September 2017

HMC Achieves 7M Safe Hours Many companies make the statement that safety is their top priority, and we at HMC are no exception. Any visitor to our sites will immediately sense that we are very serious about... read more

20 September 2017

PP Innovation for New Markets Q: What is the outlook for HMC PP Specialty Grades including Medical, Terpolymer and Pipe grades for the 2nd half of 2017? Medical Grades Let’s talk about medical grades... read more

18 September 2017

Wealth Program Expansion As reported recently, in 2017 HMC Polymers implemented an ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR) with selected community groups close to the HMC plant facilities in... read more

18 September 2017

HMC Presenting at Q4 Conferences HMC Polymers is pleased to announce its presence as presenter at two important international conferences in Q4, 2017: 5th ICIS Asian Polyolefins, and the Plastics Processing... read more

17 September 2017

SVHC Advisory Notice On 7 July 2017 - ECHA added Perfluorohexane sulfonic acid and its salts (PFHxS) to the Substances of Very High Concern List (SVHC). They are identified as substances meeting the... read more