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At HMC Polymers, creating innovative polypropylene products that meet customer needs is a way of life. New initiatives and upgrades are a regular part of our business operations and Latest News keeps visitors informed and up-to-date.

16 December 2015

Customer Reviews HMC SmartOrder HMC Polymers is constantly striving to improve our overall customer service package and experience. We announced the implementation of our SmartOrder System in July, allowing... read more

11 December 2015

HMC President Meets Key Customers Following the retirement from PTT of HMC President Khun Supachoke Liamkaeo, our new President Khun Chawalit Tippawanich has been in the position for 3 months and during that time... read more

10 December 2015

Food Allergens What is an allergen? An allergy is a response by the body's immune system to something (called an allergen) that is not necessarily harmful in itself. Allergens are harmless... read more

10 December 2015

Asia Customer Event HMC recently had the pleasure to host 30 of our key Asia customers from across the region for a special event in Thailand. Coming from countries including China and Hong Kong,... read more

10 December 2015

Customers Enjoy The Action At HMC Polymers our close customer collaboration helps to ensure the products they receive are the best solution for their market needs. The success of HMC rests largely with our... read more