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At HMC Polymers, creating innovative polypropylene products that meet customer needs is a way of life. New initiatives and upgrades are a regular part of our business operations and Latest News keeps visitors informed and up-to-date.

21 June 2017

New Communication Channel As part of HMC's commitment toward outstanding customer orientation the company has launched an experimental customer communication channel called HMC Line@. Initially with... read more

20 June 2017

iCRM Coming to the Cloud In mid December 2016, HMC commenced a new strategic initiative to create an efficient and intuitive Customer Relationship Management system on the Cloud. Named the iCRM project,... read more

20 June 2017

Community Wealth Improvement In 2017 HMC Polymers implemented a new Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR) with selected neighbouring community groups close to the HMC plant facilities in Rayong... read more

20 June 2017

Seminar: Toward a Sustainable Future HMC Polymers was pleased to welcome our customers and agents to our annual seminar on Friday, June 2nd. Ninety-four customers and fifty agents attended the information seminar held... read more

18 April 2017

6M Safe Hours Achieved Following the announcement on 2nd March 2017 of HMC Polymers achieving 6,000,000 working hours without a safety incident, I would like to personally thank all HMC staff once more... read more