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At HMC Polymers, creating innovative polypropylene products that meet customer needs is a way of life. New initiatives and upgrades are a regular part of our business operations and Latest News keeps visitors informed and up-to-date.

20 July 2020

HMC Process Safety Focus with CCPS HMC’s President and Leadership Team are focused on Process Safety Excellence. Coauthored by Vishal Chavan and Umesh Dhake AIChE article link AIChE - The American Institute... read more

17 July 2020

Hyacinth Clearance Program The Common Water Hyacinth is a free floating aquatic plant with thick, wide and waxy leaves. The plant is native to the Amazon River Basin and after being introduced as an... read more

2 July 2020

One Team | One Goal HMC operators accommodated in safehouse – Living and working during the COVID-19 crisis. The COVID-19 health crisis has also become an economic crisis and HMC, like other... read more

2 July 2020

Impact Resistance RACO PP Superior Impact Resistance Random Copolymer PP (Moplen RP6068) HMC is pleased to announce an exciting new developmental RACO grade with superior impact resistance along... read more

2 July 2020

PP Line IV Progress Since the groundbreaking ceremony for the new HMC PP Plant Line IV held on February 27, 2020 at the HMC Polymers Map Ta Phut site, planning and site preparation is now well... read more