10 December 2012

Seminar Reviews Packaging Trends

The packaging industry is a fast-moving global market constantly demanding new ways to contain, display and ship diverse products ranging from food and drinks to medical and industrial. HMC polypropylene grades are used by packaging customers to deliver savings and end-use benefits including impact resistance, light-weighting, clarity and recyclability across the full range of processing options.

On the 29th of November, HMC Polymers conducted a customer seminar addressing the subject of “Global Packaging Trends”. The seminar invited customers from 9 companies (28 participants in total) to attend the event at the Grand Lord Hotel in Bangkok. Professor Mayuree Paklamjeak from Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR), was the keynote speaker.

Professor Paklamjeak has more than 39 years of experience in the packaging industry and has previously worked with industry leaders including Lever Brothers (Thailand) as Packaging Development Manager and Colgate Palmolive Thailand as Packaging Director of the Greater Asia Division. The seminar’s objective was provide a forum for both the speaker and audience to discuss and compare the key directions of packaging in our region and worldwide.

Areas of trend analysis and discussion at the seminar included:

The aging of the population and the requirement for affordable, healthy and safe products.

Higher percentage of working women and longer working hours increasing the need for packaged products and lifestyle convenience.

Consumption of luxury products, new portability, and requirements for alternative forms of packaging solutions.

Areas of discussion included food and drug education, intelligence packaging, bio and compostable packaging.

Regulation & Policy
Including product liability, source reduction, reuse, recycling, products and packaging designed for disabled consumers.

The rapid change in lifestyles, product marketing and logistics, particularly in Asia, has stimulated a dynamic environment for packaging which continues to evolve to meet those needs.

HMC provides a comprehensive portfolio of PP products for both rigid and flexible packaging processes:

Rigid Packaging
> Caps and Closures | Crates and Pails | EBM and ISBM | Thermoforming | TWIM
A comprehensive portfolio of food contact approved PP resins for rigid packaging applications providing a cost efficient production. HMC also offers grades with exciting new levels of clarity and grades with an outstanding balance of properties required for caps, closures, pails or blow moulded bottles.

> Blown Film | BOPP | CPP | IPP
PP grades for Blown Film, BOPP (Biaxially Oriented PP), CPP (Cast PP) and IPP (Water Quenched Blown Film) enabling converters to produce film with good moisture and oxygen barrier, puncture resistance, stiffness, sealing performance and transparency – as cost-effectively as possible.