17 December 2012

New HOMO Benefits for Raffia

HMC customers in the highly competitive raffia business are always seeking property upgrades to improve the end use characteristics and economics of their woven product ranges.

New products that deliver expanded properties; or the same physical properties using less material are always a welcome addition. HMC is pleased to announce the new commercial grade, Moplen HP601J Homopolymer (formerly Moplen HP6001), which offers enhanced benefits to a broad range of product applications and processes – in particular, woven bag applications using high tenacity polypropylene raffia.

Moplen HP601J provides the following key market advantages:


  • Good processability and stretchability
    Moplen HP601J significantly extends the stretching process limits for high tenacity slit tape (high tensile strength).
  • High strength for end-use woven bag products
    Bags have improved strength for loading, storage and transportation.
  • Opportunities for denier reduction
    Mean down-gauging of tape for equivalent strength compared to previous tapes, offering potential cost savings.
  • Opportunities for more filler loading
    While still maintaining equivalent high tenacity, offering potential cost savings.
  • Good heat resistance

  • Good stiffness/impact balance
    Shape stability (Moplen HP601J is stiffer than conventional grades)
    Opportunities for down-gauging
  • Attractive – good optical properties
  • Low odour and taste transfer

Extrusion sheet and stationery
  • Excellent processability
  • Good stiffness/impact balance
  • Attractive – good optical properties

Extrusion blow moulding
  • Good stiffness/impact balance
  • Shape stability
  • Opportunities for down-gauging
  • Hot fillable
  • Low odour and taste transfer

Whether your PP requirements are for raffia, thermoforming, extrusion sheeting or blow moulding; Moplen HP601J offers benefits for end-use properties, including improved storage and logistics capabilities due to improved flowability and stiffness/impact balance.
Moplen HP601J Product Information

Our customers report that due to the physical properties of Moplen HP601J, cost savings are possible by achieving the same property profile as currently used products – with less material. Call HMC Sales today to request a sample and discuss how Moplen HP601J may help your product line.