16 November 2012

New HMC At-a-glance Guide

To provide a rapid overview of HMC Polymers we have created the HMC At-a-glance guide. The guide provides key facts on essential corporate subjects – we hope you find it informative. Download guide

At-a-glance content includes:

About HMC Polymers
The spirit of discovery that created one the most versatile and widely used family of plastics in the world – polypropylene – is alive at HMC Polymers and through our technology and joint-venture heritage.

HMC is a leader in the manufacture and marketing of PP for Asia and worldwide. Through operational excellence, industry leading technology and customer focus, HMC Polymers delivers products that improve the quality of life for people in Asia and around the world.

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Product portfolio
A comprehensive portfolio of polypropylene grades across all resin categories. HMC products are designed to optimize manufacturing processes and end-use product capabilities. HMC Polymers creates innovative Polypropylene products which replace traditional materials and other polymers in a broad array of end-use applications. We listen and respond to our customer’s needs.

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Key applications
HMC Polymers manufactures over 750 kt of PP per year for a broad range of product applications. The end-use and processing capabilities of our polypropylene portfolio continues to expand with new levels of clarity, stiffness, impact and processability for diverse markets and challenging applications.

  • CONSUMER:  Furniture | Housewares | Stationery
  • FILM:  Blown Film | BOPP | CPP | IPP
  • INDUSTRIAL:  Appliances | Batteries | Compounding
  • MEDICAL:  Diagnostics | Infusion Bags | IV and Irrigation Bottles
  • PIPE:  Sanitary | Sewage
  • RIGID PACKAGING:  Caps & Closures | Crates & Pails | EBM, ISBM & TF | TWIM
  • TEXTILES:  Raffia | Raffia Coating | Spunbond | Textiles

HMC Polymers’ customers benefit from systematic innovation in catalysts, processes and products, across the entire spectrum of polypropylene grades. The company operates three Polypropylene lines and a Propane Dehydrogenation (PDH) plant at our two locations at Map Ta Phut, Rayong in Thailand.

Achievement heritage
HMC Polymers was established in 1983 with ownership comprising leading International and Thai companies and investors. Since the start of production in 1989, HMC has continued to expand and modernize its facilities and today is one of largest and most advanced manufacturing facilities in Asia.

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