13 June 2013

Innovative Grade for Packaging

Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways in which their product packaging can offer improvements in cost, filling, shipping, and particularly these days, sales through aesthetics and product presentation.

HMC Polymers is pleased to announce the commercialization of Adstif HA849K, an innovative resin with high clarity and ultra-high stiffness, designed for thermoforming.
Adstif HA849K (formerly introduced as Adstif HA6038) was specifically developed for thermoforming applications, especially multilayer containers. Our customers told us they wanted a material that was not only stiffer, but with outstanding clarity to offer new possibilities in multilayer thermoformed packaging for today's competitive consumer marketplace, especially for food.

HMC listened and developed HA849K for the thermoforming process – in particular, multilayer thermoformed containers. This Adstif grade offers very good clarity, high gloss and an extra level of stiffness compared to standard thermoforming HOMO grades currently available. Also, HA849K has high melt strength for low sheet sagging during the heating process which means less rejects and waste.

Due to the fact that multilayer containers have extra thickness when compared to normal thermoforming containers, the importance of clarity is key. When combined with the high gloss levels and ultra-high stiffness of Adstif HA849K thermoformed containers assume a highly transparent appearance making the overall product offering appear more high end than regular packaging. This can assist manufacturers to achieve higher sales volumes and maintain pricing.

Our customers report that using Adstif HA849K for multilayer food containers offers improved gas barrier properties preventing oxidation which may cause filled product (such as fruit in syrup) to change color, odour, taste or have a shorter shelf life. Food manufacturers appreciate the low odor and taste transfer and improved heat distortion resistance making HA849K an ideal candidate for hot filled food processing.

Other standard PP HOMO grades available in the market (with special additives) usually offer stiffness at the range of 1700-1800 MPa. The Adstif HA849K grade typically raises the stiffness rating up to a level of 2000-2100 MPa. Also the haze value of nucleated PP HOMO is generally around 10-15% – HA849K offers levels of 8-10%.

The improved impact resistance of HA849K allows lower waste and product rejects due to shipping and handling.

HMC Polymers has had excellent response from its customers seeking solutions to their packaging challenges. Adstif HA849K offers improvements in processing, logistics and how the packaged product looks on the shelf and is preserved for final consumption.
Adstif HA849K Product Information

To learn more about how Adstif HA849K PP homopolymer may improve your packaging process and capability, contact HMC Polymers sales at: sales@hmcpolymers.com