14 December 2012

HMC Co-sponsors Plastic Night 2012

HMC was one of the main sponsors for this year's `Plastic Night' (26th Oct, 2012) which is conducted jointly by the Plastic Industry Club of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) and the Thai Plastic Industries Association (TPIA). 2012 marked the eighth anniversary of the event.

Plastic Night was established by leading individuals and companies in the Thai plastics industry to recognize excellence and encourage the improvement of operational standards and corporate responsibility, particularly in relation to environmental issues arising from the production and use of plastics.

This awareness is reflected in support of the Plastic Institute of Thailand (PITH) and Thai Institute of Plastic Management for Sustainable Environment (TIPMSE). Both institutes are organizations which focus on the sustainable development of the Thai plastics industry as well as helping to support the overall economic growth of the country.

During the evening, Khun Pornchai Pichitwutikorn (pictured), HMC Vice President - Business Management and Supply Chain, received the Thank You Token on behalf of the company as a main sponsor of the event from former Industry Minister M.R. Phongsawat Svastiwat.

Khun Pornchai later commented: "It takes considerable effort over time to build trust with stakeholders including employees, government, communities, customers and vendors. We are judged by what we do, not just what we say. As a company, HMC has invested significant resources as a responsible corporate citizen and we are pleased that our industry has the same objectives. HMC is proud to have the opportunity to contribute to these programs through the annual Plastic Night event."

Plastic Night was co-organized between The Federation of Thai Industries and Plastic Industry Club. The event raises funds which assist the ongoing operations of the Thailand Institute of Packaging and Recycling Management for Sustainable Environment (TIPMSE) and the Plastic Industry Club.