26 March 2014

Fire and Emergency Priority

In the area of workplace and community safety, HMC Polymers is dedicated to continuously improving its approach to its process safety and the personal safety of employees, contractors and our neighbouring communities.

For HMC, nothing is more important.

The processes at our Rayong plants operate with flammable feedstock materials, so the careful handling of those raw materials is of utmost importance. The operation of our processes is continuously reviewed to ensure our practices and protocols are as safe and up to date as possible regarding safety and fire prevention. Similarly, at our high rise headquarters location in Bangkok, fire preparedness is also taken very seriously by HMC Polymers with comprehensive HSEQ (Heath, Safety and Environment and Quality Dept.) fire training in place for tasked HMC employees.

While these drills are required by law, HMC ensures the training and practice drills are more frequent than mandated.

For the plants at Rayong, HMC has a comprehensive fire fighting training with gas leak contingency plan in place developed by our dedicated HSEQ team. The emergency response and fire fighting teams comprise 15 key staff who are expert in the layout, construction and operations of our Map Ta Phut plants. The latest training session was the Internal Contingency Planning (Level 1) which was held on March 7. This training simulated a gas leak situation.

Also, at the Bangkok office, 25 staff participated in the bi-annual fire fighting program on Jan 10, 2014. At Bangkok, 40% of staff from each department received basic theoretical and practical firefighting training. In the next round of planned training, the entire staff at the Bangkok headquarters will participate in emergency fire drills.

The HMC HSEQ objectives for the emergency fire training and planning are:

  • To create safety awareness for employees in their both working lives and their daily lives.
  • To train HMC employees how to react in fast moving emergency situations
  • To train HMC employees how to work efficiently and rapidly with local communities and governmental officers in emergency situations

These training sessions are targeted for:
  • HMC employees
  • Local governmental officers
  • IEAT officers
  • Neighboring communities

HMC Polymers is constantly reviewing our practices in the plant and in the office as we strive to ensure any small possibility of fire is eliminated. Nevertheless, should an outbreak occur, key staff are trained to act decisively to contain outbreaks and interact rapidly with authorities.