9 January 2012

Finding the Right HMC Product Online

HMC Polymers was pleased to announce the operation of the new corporate website to customers and stakeholders in early January.

Since then, the feedback from website visitors has been very positive and the company has received many comments relating to the ease of navigation and the ability visitors have to review, compare and select a short list of possible resin grades for their needs from the comprehensive HMC PP portfolio.

A top priority during the website development process was to ensure that new and existing customers had the opportunity to search for product options relating to their business needs in a variety of ways. As a result, the new HMC website offers visitors several simple search options providing them with the ability to compare properties and see which grades may offer the right fit for their product manufacturing processes or end-use applications.

The HMC website offers cross-referenced Applications and Products sections in the primary navigation enabling visitors to search the product database in the following ways to find the right PP solution for their needs:

By Application
Key polypropylene industry application groups have been defined and divided into sub categories. On selection of the visitor’s industry focus, applicable product grades are automatically presented under major product types (HOMO, HECO, RACO) and listed per melt flow rate to allow quick comparison and short listing by the visitor.

By Product List
All products available in the HMC Polymers PP portfolio can be viewed and compared in one easy-to-read, scrollable list, segmented into the essential PP product types. Users have the ability to filter and create a short list by PP Type, MFR range and Application selections.

By Site Search
For users who are looking for certain grades or are familiar with HMC product nomenclature, the data-base responds to regular site search by product name, brand or other applicable information. Perfect for quick sourcing of product data, MSDS or any other required information.

On all product listings and pages, Product Data sheets (PDS), Material Safety Data sheets (MSDS) or Regulatory Affairs Products Stewardship Information Certification Data Sheet (RAPIDS) links are only a click away.

Technical Information
HMC’s new website also provides processing guidelines for converting PP as well as a short trouble shooting guide describing how to identify and solve processing issues during the injection moulding process.

Technical and Sales advice
The new HMC website search options allow visitors to rapidly search and compare a shortlisted group of PP products. The final step of course is to make contact with the knowledgable HMC Technical and Sales associates who can assist and advise on questions relating to making the optimal selection of PP grades and settings for the customer’s manufacturing processes, product end use and product economics.

Different ways to reach the same objective of sourcing the latest technology polypropylene grades in the Asia region and beyond. The experts at HMC Polymers, Asia’s number ONE in PP, look forward to assisting you soon.