26 March 2014

Customers' Night Out

At HMC Polymers our customers are special and we value our business relationships. For us, our loyal customers are the reason we are successful and we want to deliver the very best products and services to ensure they have an advantage in their given markets.

To do this we collaborate closely with them to provide products that respond to their needs. They tell us what the market demands and we try our best to deliver. Every now and then we like to put business to one side and with our customers just have fun and say "thanks for your business and your friendship"

Recently, on March 21, HMC hosted 140 customers from 19 companies for a special bowling competition in Bangkok entitled:
"Happy Bowl Day".

While we think our capabilities in our respective businesses are relatively high – our capabilities in the bowling lanes may be another question – but we were there to relax and have fun and everyone certainly did that!

70 people were designated players and another 70 were in the raucous cheer teams with many more there as keen spectators. The objective of this event was to get to know our customers socially and this assists us all with strengthened relationships at the operational level.

The HMC President Khun Supachoke joined in as the chairman in the event and presented the trophy to the winners. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the friendly competition and fun.