20 June 2017

Community Wealth Improvement


In 2017 HMC Polymers implemented a new Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR) with selected neighbouring community groups close to the HMC plant facilities in Rayong province. HMC Polymers provides its expertise to assist the focus of a selected community development and production program.

In this first year of implementation, HMC is conducting a pilot project by establishing the criteria for selection of the participating group, and then surveying the 17 communities in close vicinity of our Map Ta Phut plant to gauge their interest in the proposed program. It is important that the selected community has a high level of commitment to ensure success.

The selected pilot project involves the Chaklookya East Community which is advancing a value added product through mushroom cultivation and processing. HMC Polymers is assisting this community effort by arranging expert third party involvement using Rayong Agricultural Office, the provision of training and tracking the value proposition through its various stages.

The First P (Product) training has been completed by the community and its network based at Wat Chaklookya School and by a consulting Rayong agricultural specialist. The community has developed the expertise to produce mushroom loaf. In addition, HMC has assisted with expertise relating to fungal protection and the correct disposal methods of mushroom loaf.

Mushroom loaf (see image above left) contains mushroom spores for cultivation and is used as the media for mushroom growth (see image above right). The mushroom loaf can be made from saw dust, chaff or any similar materials to support mushroom propagation and bloom. Farmers blend saw dust and a variety of other materials together with mushroom spores and pack them in bags (mostly plastic) and ferment the mix until the spores fully grow in the plastic bag containers and emerge as shown above.
A potential environmental issue related to this farming is the method of disposal used for the mushroom loaf at the end of its useful lifespan when all mushroom growth is completed. The HMC team has instructed the Chaklookya East Community in the environmentally correct disposal of the used mushroom loaves.

As ongoing assistance, HMC also provides Chaklookya East Community with a bi-monthly community product market for selling goods at the HMC plant and promotes their registration as a Community Enterprise.

  • There are 3 parties involved: Chaklookya East Community, Rayong Agricultural Office and HMC Polymers
  • The enterprise network is based at Chaklookya School
  • The value added solution to this selected community consists of:
    – Setup of project timeline
    – 3 party meeting collaborative meetings for the improvement and addition of product value added
    – Training schedule at HMC premises

The Community Wealth Improvement Program applies The Royal Initiative of the late King, His Majesty King Bhumipol based on the principles of “Understand, Access, and Develop”, which stressed that all parties concerned, including government officials and local communities, must be coordinated and in agreement with the proposed program.

The key areas of possible work as defined in the Royal Initiative are:
  • Agricultural Development
  • Environmental Quality Improvement
  • Water and Natural Resources Management
  • Social Development & Cultural Conservation
  • Energy Development
  • Natural Disaster Relief & Recovery
  • International Collaboration

Community Wealth Improvement Program Objectives:

To create sustainable value added for a selected community by the development of a product to be manufactured incorporating what has been termed the 4M method (Man-Material-Method-Marketing). The community group and corporate sponsor selects one potential product and the sponsor assists the participating group to develop and commercialize it by using the 4M method:
  • Man – skills and labour
  • Material – product material, production, packaging
  • Method – technical knowledge base, training processes, learning from other similar community enterprises
  • Marketing – promotion of products to marketing channels and proposed customers

The Selection Process and Corporate Commitment – For Participating Group and Proposed Product

During the process, we will consider a number of potential products to ensure the final selected product can offer good commercial value offering the opportunity for group participants to make a good living and have sustainable growth opportunities over the long term.

Once the product is selected, HMC will assist the selected community group with expertise and resources for product development and business problem solving to promote sales opportunities, searching for new market openings and building a knowledge base to allow eventual independent business operation.

On completion of a successful pilot, our plan is to further roll-out this initiative to help other communities in our target group.

Target Community Groups:
Comprising groups of community members in 17 communities in the Rayong area.

1. Nongfab
2. Mapchalood + Mapchalood Chak Klang
3. Huay Pong Market
4. Sophon Temple
5. Maptaphut Market
6. Takuan Ao Pradu
7. Chak Look Ya + Chak Look Ya East
8. Soi Ruam Pattana
9. Islam
10. Banplong
11. Payoon 1-4
12. Prachummit
13. Pandinthai
14. Ruam Chom View Nerrn Krapork
15. Fah Si Thong
16. Sapsomboon
17. Nongyai