13 September 2012

Clear Benefits for Brighter RACO

In recent years HMC PP grades have been subject to an expansion of virtually all key properties, delivering enhanced end product and processing capabilities to customers including: stiffness, flexibility, impact resistance, down-gauging and particularly clarity.

The ability of HMC PP grades to rival and surpass other materials in clarity has opened doors for manufacturers in industries such as consumer, medical and packaging who now benefit from the broad range of PP product and processing properties and improved cost – in addition to excellent clarity.

HMC random copolymer (RACO) grades have seen strong growth particularly in areas such as injection moulded consumer products and caps & closures, where clarity is important along with a good stiffness and impact balance.

Our customers have been pleased with HMC’s RACO property improvements, and while the clarity has been systematically improved, we have received requests to also address the slight yellow cast some materials exhibit.

HMC listened and we are pleased to introduce RP6024, a high clarity random copolymer – now with a considerably brighter shade. Customers have already reported further visual improvements using the RP6024 injection grade for medium to large housewares, clear containers, baby feeding bottles and for cap & closures.

In addition to its brighter shade, RP6024 delivers a higher balance of MFR and impact resistance.

Product Properties:

  • Medium melt flow rate: MFR25
  • High clarity and gloss
  • Bright shade
  • Good stiffness and impact balance

Product Benefits:
  • Improved flow which injects easier for large and thin parts allowing processing at lower temperature and lower pressure, with associated benefits for energy use and extended mould life
  • Better productivity with shorter cycle times due to lower injection temperature and injection pressure

Moplen RP6024 Product Information
HMC’s new RP6024 random copolymer offers advantages across a broad array of properties and in addition, boasts clarity with new brightness. See for yourself, contact HMC sales for a sample and the improvements that RP6024 offers will be clear.