19 August 2013

Advanced Properties for TWIM

Packaging manufacturers and injection moulders are constantly seeking new ways to make thin wall packaging and complex parts with less material, at faster production speeds and still with mouldings that are stiff and have the required impact resistance. Their challenge has been that certain homopolymers may deliver several properties well but other properties may not be acceptable.

HMC is pleased to introduce Moplen HP649T, a high flow PP homopolymer with an excellent stiffness/impact balance and superior clarity for thin wall injection moulding (TWIM).

Moplen HP649T was developed for manufacturers seeking a resin which offers the right balance of processability in combination with superior end-use properties in thin wall injection moulding applications.

In addition, Moplen HP649T, has been designed to provide excellent flow behaviour suitable for the latest high speed injection processes and delivers an excellent stiffness/impact balance with high transparency and gloss.

For packaging such as food containers and drinking cups, high levels of clarity, gloss and shelf appearance are critical to maximise product presentation which helps to maintain pricing. Moplen HP649T offers superior optical properties.

The stiffness/impact balance of HP649T provides excellent dimensional stability for packaging and injection moulded parts. In addition, this property balance allows superior stackability and reduced breakage for products such as thin wall cups.

Moplen HP649T is designed specifically for today’s high speed lines. Thanks to its high melt flow, HP649T is easy to process providing smooth and rapid mould filling with low built-in stress. The combination of fast crystallization and high throughput has the potential to reduce cycle times.

With faster production and possible product downgauging, Moplen HP649T may offer significant savings along with enhanced product end-use properties.

To learn more about how Moplen HP649T or other HMC PP grades may improve your processes and product capabilities, contact HMC Polymers sales at: sales@hmcpolymers.com

Moplen HP649T Product Information