Environment & Energy

HMC Polymers regards our firm commitment to the highest possible standards of Environmental and Energy performance as a business priority. Compliance is the minimum standard and we strive to exceed standards across our operations.

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Protecting Our Environment

At HMC, we are proud of our long history of managing our performance to minimise its impact on the environment. We operate our modern technology sites safely and reliably – with full awareness that human factors and operational excellence are crucial factors affecting good environmental performance.

We develop products that enable our customers to use energy and water more efficiently. In addition, we work with our stakeholders to ensure that our products are consistent with all applicable environmental regulations and laws.

HMC Polymers is steadfast in its commitment to the highest standards of Environmental and Energy performance. This includes managing resources and impacts to create products that contribute to sustainable development - examples include:

  • Light-weighting of cars for greater fuel efficiency
  • Pipe systems delivering sustainable water and wastewater management to emerging economies
  • Thin-walling and material source reduction for food packaging
  • Weldable liner materials to create water storage and seal in landfill leachates
  • Long term global recycling programs such as PP auto battery casings

At HMC's Rayong manufacturing sites, continuous control of the environmental related aspects of operations and the ISO 14001 audit findings form the basis for improvement programs that address issues regarded as local environmental priorities.

Key environmental indicators such as total energy consumption, solid waste generation and emissions to air and water are monitored and measured at the sites.

Efficient Resource Management

At HMC we realise that more efficient resource management leads to better environmental and financial performance. That is why we strive to continually use fewer resources, such as raw materials and energy, and increase our process efficiency.

We also aim to decrease waste. Effective resource management also means providing products that benefit society and the environment. We continually work to introduce new technologies and product applications to meet the changing demands of our society.

Each of us at HMC is expected to manage resources efficiently every day.

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence at HMC Polymers, which includes a commitment to safety, environmental stewardship and improved reliability, is key to our focus on the environmental impact of our production plants.

We believe optimal operations can be achieved through a systematic application of standards and improved maintenance procedures, which we expect to also result in improved personnel and process safety and in turn, better environmental and energy performance.

We continue to set new, stricter operational excellence targets for each of our facilities based on industry benchmarks.