To materialise HMC Polymers’ core values, all employees must do their best to uphold the standard of ethics and integrity, which includes lawful actions and ethical business dealings. We all need to create awareness of possible violations or concerns and take actions as suggested in the Code of Conduct.

Advice and Problem-reporting

In addition to the joint efforts in creating and upholding ethics, HMC Polymers encourages all to raise their concerns or questions to either:

  • Their immediate supervisors,
  • Human Resource,
  • Legal and Company Secretary, or
  • Internal Audit

HMC Polymers has launched the Ethics Helpline, in which the whistleblower can opt for anonymity. However, staying anonymous could hinder in-depth investigation. We therefore encourage disclosure of the whistleblower’s identity to the investigation committee so that we can contact him or her. Please rest assured that your identity will be kept in strict confidence

Ethics Helpline