Code of Conduct

To assist the realisation of our corporate vision to be Asia’s Preferred Partner for PP, HMC has developed a Code of Conduct that provides the standard expected from each and every one of our employees for all decisions and business activities.

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Ethics Helpline

Our Ethics Helpline is operated by an independent third party provider.
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Comments from the President

The success of our company largely depends on the goodwill of our customers and the talent and commitment of everyone at HMC Polymers. To be successful, HMC has developed a common framework that describes our company’s vision and reflects what we believe are the core values and behaviours shared by all of us. The HMC core values, aligned to our name, impact everything we do as a company:

  • H is for Highest Commitment to the Safety and Well-being of our stakeholders
  • M is for Mutual Respect, Trust and Integrity
  • C is for Creativity Driving improvement whilst Compliant in all our actions more

Code of Conduct - The Right Way

Key Extracts

1. The Right Way – the purpose of our Code of Conduct

What is the HMC Polymers Code?
Our Code explains the behaviours expected of everyone at HMC Polymers to achieve our vision by making ethical decisions. In addition, our Code helps us maintain the trust we have built with our various stakeholders – our fellow employees, shareholders, government, local communities, customers, vendors and other business partners – each of whom have an important role in our Company’s success.

Most importantly, our Code outlines our strategy for doing business the right way, every day.

Who must follow our Code?
Our Code applies to all employees, officers, directors, contractors and consultants working on behalf of our Company. In addition, we expect that our vendors and other business partners will follow similar principles when working for HMC Polymers.

While we each have a responsibility to know and follow our Code, supervisors have additional obligations. Whether managers or supervisors, HMC Polymers' leaders have a duty to act as ethical role models for their subordinates. An open environment allows all parties to feel safe asking questions and making reports.

2. The Right Way – for our people and our company

We respect our fellow employees
At HMC, we are dedicated to the highest standards of fairness and respect for every employee. We believe it is only through a positive, inclusive workplace that we can be successful.

To thrive in a global marketplace, we must rely on the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of each of our employees.

Therefore, we encourage the open sharing of ideas and communications of problems. Each of us must support and promote a diverse workforce by respecting the various talents and opinions of our coworkers.

Not only must we respect the diversity of our workforce, but we must also remain committed to non-discriminatory practices. This means, in part, that we never make employment-related decisions based on traits, such as race, gender, colour, age, sexual orientation, religion and disability.

We strive to achieve safety excellence
Working safely is a core value of our Company. We make the commitment to never allow the safe, responsible operation of our facilities to be compromised for any reason. It also means we must be dedicated to safety excellence. Nothing should matter to us more than working safely – and we therefore must strive to create a workplace in which “no one gets hurt, anywhere, at any time.”

Our reputation
We keep our reputation – as well as our community and stakeholder relations strong through appropriate dialogue. Our reputation for integrity is based heavily on information we provide to the public. This means, in part, that all such communications must present a fair and accurate picture of our business dealings.

3. The Right Way – for our shareholders

We maintain accurate financial books and records
Our shareholders depend on our honesty and integrity, particularly when measuring the financial strength of our Company.

It is crucial therefore that we maintain accurate and honest accounting practices and record keeping at all times. We must all comply with recognized accounting principles.

Those who have financial and accounting responsibilities must also ensure that our accounting methods are accurate, presenting an honest and forthright picture of our Company.

We must comply with all legal and regulatory requirements and follow our internal accounting policies and controls at all times. Incomplete or inaccurate financial disclosures not only damage our Company and its reputation, but they also harm our stakeholders who rely on their accuracy.

4. The Right Way – for our customers and vendors

We deal fairly with our customers and vendors
Doing business the right way means we always provide accurate and fair information about our Company – and our competition – to all of our customers, vendors and other business partners.

This means that we must always engage in fair and ethical marketing, sales and communications. We may never misrepresent our products or those of our competitors.

In addition, we may never take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation or abuse of privileged or proprietary information, misrepresentations or any other unethical or illegal practice.

No commercial bribery
Our Company does not tolerate any form of commercial bribery. That includes allowing third parties to make or receive any commercial bribery on behalf of an HMC Polymers employee.

We comply with antitrust and competition laws
Delivering excellence to our customers means we do our part to ensure they have access to quality products and services at fair prices. Therefore, HMC is committed to competing vigorously, yet ethically and lawfully.

To make sure all companies play by the same rules, various competition laws have been enacted in the countries in which we do business. These laws generally prohibit price fixing, dividing territories, agreeing to contract terms with our competitors and other actions that negatively affect our customers or restrict competition.

We must always follow the letter and spirit of these competition laws wherever we conduct our business.

5. The Right Way – for our communities

We operate as a responsible corporate citizen
Our commitment to excellence means we take great care to uphold human rights in all of our operations and facilities, regardless of local custom.

Our Company does not use child or forced, indentured or involuntary labour. In addition, we uphold all fair wage and hour laws, wherever we work. We must always promote the health and safety of our workers in every location in which we conduct business.

HMC is committed to doing business with business partners who share our commitment to human rights. Employees are instructed to report any violations of this policy or any human rights, labour, wage and hour laws to our Human Resources department or the Corporate Affairs department.

HMC does not tolerate acts of retaliation made against anyone who makes a good faith report of such violations.
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