18 September 2017

Wealth Program Expansion


As reported recently, in 2017 HMC Polymers implemented an ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR) with selected community groups close to the HMC plant facilities in Rayong province. HMC Polymers provides expertise to assist a development and production program for a selected community.

In this first year of implementation, HMC started a pilot project involving the Chaklookya East Community to advance the value added activity of mushroom cultivation and processing. HMC Polymers currently assists this community effort by coordinating expert third party involvement and the provision of training and value tracking through its various production and business stages.

Through this program the community has learned the process of producing mushroom loaf including fungal protection and the appropriate disposal methods. Mushroom loaf can be made from saw dust, chaff or any similar materials to support mushroom propagation and bloom, and is used as the media for mushroom growth.

The HMC initiative with the Chaklookya East Community has proven to be popular and successful through the 4P training approach:

  • Product – Developing improved quality mushroom product with assistance from the Rayong Agricultural Office
  • Price – Community training in cost accounting
  • Place – Assisting the creation of business and social media accounts for e-marketing
  • Packaging – Developing new container packaging designed for mushrooms

In light of the positive outcomes this program has achieved, HMC is now promoting the expansion of additional mushroom farm networks using the Chaklookya East Community as the model for other communities nearby.  

Part of that expansion by the Chaklookya East Community farmers is being made through a teaching program to assist HIV positive residents of Camillian Social Center at Eden Garden, Bankhai, Rayong to also cultivate and market mushrooms.

In October, HMC plans to further expand the new capability network to the Nongfab community close to HMC's PDH plant, by teaching priests, novices and other interested parties the business of mushroom cultivation at the farm located at Nongfab temple. That expansion will utilize the value added 4M method (Man-Material-Method-Marketing) to optimise the production output for the competitive marketplace.

That strategic approach comprises the 4 key business elements:
  • Man – skills and labour
  • Material – product material, production, packaging
  • Method – technical knowledge base, training processes, learning from other similar community enterprises
  • Marketing – promotion of products to marketing channels and proposed customers