Seminar for Packaging Regulations


As HMC's packaging customers are aware, plastic packaging, particularly for food and healthcare products is subject to a broad array of regulatory requirements in national markets around the world. To ensure that companies are producing packaging that they, or their processing customers can sell into those markets, customers must keep appraised of the often complex raft of regulations.

To assist our regional packaging customers better understand the regulation requirements for plastic packaging, HMC conducted a seminar on this subject which was held on the 25th April at Sampran Riverside in Bangkok. The seminar was conducted by Khun Sumalee Tangpitayakul, from the Department of Science Service, Thailand and 70 local HMC customers attended.

Packaging Regulations cover the manufacturing and composition of the products together with the reusable and recoverable nature of packaging. Regulations apply to packaging placed on the market as packed or filled packaging. The responsibility for compliance with the Regulations lies with the company that places the packaging or packaging components on the market. Understanding the particular regulations of all market in which a company participates is essential.

The seminar agenda covered the following key topics:

  • Introduction
  • How important the regulations are to customers.
  • The process for exporting products
  • Regulations that exporting customers must know.
  • New regulations for customers
  • New, updated, and commonly-used regulations in the Plastic Industry
  • Testing Standards concerning regulatory
  • How to control the process and product quality to meet required regulatory standards
  • Overview US, EU, Japan and AEC Regulations
  • Important regulations in other countries across major regions.