11 December 2018

PP RACO For Pressure Pipe


Press Release – December 3, 2018

HMC announces a milestone in the development of a PP Random Copolymer designed for pressure pipe applications

Bangkok, Thailand –– Leading SE Asia Polypropylene producer, HMC Polymers announced today that the company achieved an important milestone in the development of a PP Random Copolymer designed for pressure pipe applications.
The authoritative independent testing and certification institute Element Plastic Pipes of Sweden (a merger of Element Materials Technology and Exova Group Limited) has confirmed in their recent test report that the HMC Random Copolymer grade Hostalen PP H5416T already fulfills the requirements for long-term hydrostatic strength according to ISO 9080-2012 and has reached pipe class PP-R 80 according to ISO 12162:2009.

More importantly, Element has also confirmed that Hostalen PP H5416T passes the requirements for hot and cold water pressure systems, classes 1, 2, 4 and 5, as established in ISO 15874-2.

Dr. Andreas Neumann, Senior Department Manager, Business Innovation and Technology commented "Hostalen PP H5416T offers the manufacturers of piping and plumbing systems a good balance of thermal stability, stiffness and toughness. The pressure testing results confirm that this grade provides excellent capabilities for hot and cold water pressure piping."

As long-term pressure tests at Element continue, we look forward to keeping you updated on the hydrostatic strength results of Hostalen PP H5416T.

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