New Grade Offers Packaging Benefits

The thermoforming packaging market for food and drinks is a highly competitive business and producers operate on tight margins.

Our customers are always looking for the best possible material to package products such as drinking water using less material but still with the physical properties to equal or exceed the strict testing parameters for impact and load resistance, while offering the best possible clarity and organoleptics.

HMC Polymers listened and responded with HP6029, a new development homopolymer grade designed for downgauged thermoforming, while still maintaining the key properties required for successful packaging products. In recent trials of a thermoformed sealed water drinking cup with a key customer in tropical markets, they reported a conservative weight saving of seven percent while still meeting the stringent testing regime vs. their current product.

They believe a weight saving of ten percent may well be achievable and are working toward that objective. The downgauged product using HP6029 passed key product criteria such as: top load (measuring maximum loads that empty and filled cups can resist before breaking or distorting), drop impact (dropping a shipping box of filled cups at 1.5 m height), stacking test (piling three pallets of cups filled with water for a period of ten days – cups at the lowest level should not deform).

HP6029 provides the essential benefits of good clarity and stiffness – in combination with high impact resistance. HMC is currently collaborating with domestic customers who have indicated an interest to trial the HP6029 development grade for thermoformed packaging applications.

The combination of good clarity, shape stability, top and side load resistance, barrier properties and heat resistance (hot fill/retort) – and with a weight saving in the order of five to ten percent – offers a significant opportunity to producers in a dynamic market to help maintain their competitive edge.