Latest Technology Exchange

In September 2017, a delegation from HMC Polymers participated in the annual Technical Exchange Meeting with our shareholder LyondellBasell at their Technical Centre in Ferrara, Italy.

This unique arrangement between HMC and LYB, HMC’s shareholder and technology licensor, enables HMC staff to discuss new product developments activities and results, latest information on market developments in Europe and Asia, and to be updated on process improvements and catalyst developments for HMC’s polymerization technologies.

HMC colleagues from the Production, Engineering, Quality Assurance and Technology teams returned with important new information that will enhance HMC’s product portfolio and further improve our product quality and manufacturing capabilities.

LyondellBasell’s world renowned R&D centre for polypropylene is located at their Ferrara site, where approximately 400 employees are engaged in process, catalyst and product development. In addition, the site houses several polypropylene laboratories and pilot plants.

LYB Ferrara pilot plant facilities

HMC’s visit to Ferrara almost coincided with the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the commercialization of polypropylene. It was on 9th of September, 1957 that the world’s first polypropylene plant started up at this Ferrara location producing polypropylene under the brandname Moplen, which we are proud to also use at HMC Polymers.

This co-operation not only enhances HMC's latest knowledge base of new developments for polypropylene, process technology and global market trends, but also provides unparalleled access to leading R&D facilities and vital participation in development programs responding to our customers' market needs.

Happy Birthday Polypropylene! It is truly a wonder material and with LYB technology leading the way its capabilities are constantly being expanded.