2 July 2020

Impact Resistance RACO PP


Superior Impact Resistance Random Copolymer PP (Moplen RP6068)

HMC is pleased to announce an exciting new developmental RACO grade with superior impact resistance along with a host of other key benefits.

Moplen RP6068 is a high impact resistance PP Random Copolymer for extrusion blow molding (EBM) that was designed to deliver excellent clarity, softness, aesthetics and a good balance of stiffness and impact resistance; particularly for large size containers and bottles.

The large size container application requires a high level of impact resistance, but typical Random Copolymer PP grades usually offer insufficient toughness, requiring molders to also blend the PP with an impact modifier to boost that capability.

With the introduction of Moplen RP6068 it is now possible to eliminate the blending of impact modifier, allowing molders to simply use RP6068 at 100%, thus reducing production costs and improve consistency of end product quality. RP6068 also has excellent Izod and bi-axial impact strength.

In addition, Moplen RP6068 has a broad processing window and provides higher melt strength for good parison control and less sagging. It has a lower processing temperature requirement compared to standard Random Copolymers and solidifies quickly, lowering cycle times.

Typical Applications

  • High clarity rigid packaging
  • Large containers requiring good drop impact resistance and providing cost saving due to the elimination of an impact modifier
  • Soft touch or squeezable containers
  • Possible LDPE replacement offering improved barrier and downgauging for tube containers and blown film applications
  • High clarity extrusion sheet and thermoformed parts

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