HSE Q1 Update

For the 2012 Q1 period (Jan 1 - Mar 31), HMC has compiled the following emission and waste reporting figures.

The figures shown combine two HMC plant complexes based in Rayong Province: PP (3 plants) and PDH (1 plant) and are reported in total tons (combined emissions of PP and PDH) versus tons of PP material produced.

For Hz, Non-Hz and Waste Recovery we use the direct numbers of waste generated from the plant processes.


  • CO2 = 0.677 tons of CO2/tons of product
  • COD = 0.0009 tons of COD/tons of product
  • Water withdrawal = 14.86 m3 of water/tons of product
  • NOx and VOCs: Measured twice yearly - report will be made in Q3 newsletter

Waste Generation
  • Total Hz waste = 572 tons
  • Total Non-Hz waste = 164 tons
  • Total Waste - sent to recovery = 446.2 tons