Hostalen PP H2483 | Product Information

Hostalen PP H2483 is a PP block copolymer classified as PP-HM (High Modulus) according to EN 1852-1 used in the production of solid wall pipes and structured double wall pipes for drainage and sewage piping.

The combination of high stiffness with good impact strength at both room and low temperature, allows for a reduction of pipe wall thickness which leads to lower pipe weight, while maintaining the same ring stiffness level.

Delivering benefits for:

  • Pipe weight reduction compared to standard PP-B, PVC and HDPE
  • Easy handling and installation

In addition, Hostalen PP H2483 offers:
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Dimensional stability over a broad temperature range
  • Heat resistance
  • Long service life and ease of maintenance of installed pipes

Hostalen PP H2483 Product Information