HMC Products MiT Certified

The valued Made in Thailand product certification (MiT) was originated with the support of the Federation of Thai Industries and is awarded to locally made products that meet the certification requirements.

HMC Polymers is pleased to announce that as of May, 7th 2021 the four main HMC Polypropylene product categories have been endorsed with MiT certification. They are: Homopolymer, Random Copolymer, Impact or Block Copolymer and Terpolymer.

The aim of the MiT endorsement is to promote awareness and confidence in Thai products and encourage government agencies, the private sector and Thai residents to support quality products made in Thailand. The tangible benefit of MiT Certification for HMC's manufacturing customers is the promotion of brand awareness to their customers for products made locally, creating new opportunities to expand market share and including the benefit from government procurement preferences for sourcing domestically produced products.

The MiT certification is now under consideration as a Ministerial Regulation requiring government agencies to procure locally made supplies not less than 60 percent of the overall annual product volume.

The Made in Thailand (MiT) certified products meeting the award criteria, receive the MiT certificate issued by Federation of Thai Industries.

HMC Polymers MiT Certification | Download