HMC & Customers Assist Flood Relief

The floods of 2011 will long be remembered as one of Thailand's worst natural disasters affecting 65 of the country's 77 provinces over a period of approximately 175 days. Many HMC employees were directly affected and families were relocated to temporary hotel housing.

In addition to contributions made by the company and our staff to community flood relief, there was broad agreement that a hands-on approach in one particular location would provide needed help and tangible assistance for a chosen recipient.

On April 28, 2012 a group of eighty HMC employees and customers donated time and materials to assist the Thong Bore Temple and Salapoon Municipal School located at Ayutthaya which were both severely affected during the flood.

At the time of the flood most of the central city area of Ayutthaya was underwater and power was disconnected in the area. Many of the ancient temples around Ayutthaya City, a UNESCO World Heritage site, were damaged by the high flood water.

It was understood that temples and schools in the area struggled for scarce resources particularly from government funding programs. As a result, contact was made with the Head Monk of Thong Bore Temple and Head of Salapoon Municipal School. The areas of immediate need were painting for water affected parts of the temple and pagoda, and furniture and restocking of the school library which is located about 20 km away.

HMC staff and customers provided painting for the temple and pagoda, and renovation services for the library, along with new books and counter tops to help restore the school facility which was severely damaged.