HMC Achieves 7M Safe Hours


Many companies make the statement that safety is their top priority, and we at HMC are no exception. Any visitor to our sites will immediately sense that we are very serious about managing the potential for injury to people under our responsibility. Our slogan “Goal Zero!” is very visible from the moment of entering our facilities. “Goal Zero” is a target – no injuries. But it is more than a target, it is a mindset…

  • All accidents are preventable
  • An accident which results in serious injury is unacceptable – not today, not tomorrow, not ever
  • Everybody is responsible for their own safety – and that of their co-workers
  • Management is responsible for the adequacy of our systems to avoid accidents – and ultimately for everything that occurs under our duty of care

We are very proud that HMC recently passed a milestone of 7 million man-hours worked by employees and contractors under our supervision without any case of an injury requiring professional medical treatment. Zero Recordable Injuries. We believe that is truly world class performance. 3 First Aid injuries in 3 million man-hours worked since beginning 2016.

But it is not about records or being better than anyone else, it is the fact that we want to ensure that people go home at the end of the working day in good health and able to enjoy time with their friends and family. We never want to see somebody leave our site in an ambulance.

And the attention to detail that is required to manage such a safety performance helps us in targeting improvement and ultimately excellence in reliability, in quality, in cost management, in service delivery, all aspects of our performance.

We would be very happy to share our Goal Zero philosophy and exchange best practices with any of our business partners.