18 October 2019

Digital D/O Feedback


HMC recently introduced a significant improvement to our delivery service. The new Digital D/O system immediately confirms the completion of each goods receipt with an Electronic Delivery Order; and due to being digital, avoids document loss.

The new digital system enables our domestic Customers and Agents to sign goods receipts directly on mobile devices. Tracking records and delivery order documents can now be obtained on www.hmcpolymers.com and printed immediately following the electronic signing of the goods receipt.

To understand how the system has been received from a customer standpoint we interviewed Khun Supoj Setbubpha, Warehouse Operator, for Basell Advanced Polyolefins (Thailand) Ltd. one of HMC's valued long term customers.

Basell Advanced Polyolefins (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (BAPT) is a Thailand based plastics compounding company established in 1997 to manufacture and market polypropylene composite material and alloys. The BAPT production plant is located in Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, Rayong Province and has been operational since the 2nd quarter of 1999. BAPT is a company jointly owned by LyondellBasell, one the world’s largest polymers, petrochemicals and fuels company and local shareholders.

Interview – Khun Supoj Setbubpha | Warehouse Operator, for Basell Advanced Polyolefins (Thailand) Ltd.

  • Q: Could you please explain who is the primary user of the HMC Digital D/O at BAPT?
– Khun Supoj: “I have been with BAPT for over 5 years and have been working with HMC Polymers as a key supplier since my early days with BAPT as we receive shipments of HMC’s PP resins almost on a daily basis. I am the responsible person with the most hands-on experience of the HMC Digital D/O.”

  • Q: BAPT is one of many HMC customers now using HMC Digital D/O currently in the 1st phase.  How was the system integrated into your incoming goods procedure and what have been your impressions of Digital D/O so far?
– Khun Supoj: “From the early days, delivery was done in a traditional way – that is, signing papers with usually a waiting period before we received an invoice. Just recently, we were introduced to the HMC Digital D/O system to replace the signing of traditional Delivery Order form signing.”

“At the beginning we were slightly reluctant and a bit unsure. We have been using it since August 15 (almost 3 months now). It has been working very well in real time, signing on the mobile phone for received goods and scanning the bar code. It's very fast and accurate. Since we have implemented this new Digital D/O system, we have found no errors. I am pleased with this new method of goods receipt and tracking and my team members like it also."

  • Q: Based on your experience to date, would you recommend the adoption of the HMC Digital D/O system to other HMC customers?
– Khun Supoj: “I’d recommend other customers of HMC to consider using the Digital D/O. I find it a very convenient system with fast response including real time reporting and quick confirmation. In addition, I personally like it because it obviously works very well when there are several different warehouse locations."

"We have another vendor, who also started an online D/O months ago. That system however, needs passcodes to access the system and there is no immediate confirmation though with the invoice made available the following day. I think HMC’s Digital D/O offers a high level of efficiency that we're pleased with.”