Code of Conduct

Comments from the President
The success of our company largely depends on the goodwill of our customers and the talent and commitment of everyone at HMC Polymers.

To be successful, HMC has developed a common framework that describes our company’s vision and reflects what we believe are the core values and behaviours shared by all of us. The HMC core values, aligned to our name impact everything we do as a company:

H is for Highest Commitment to the Safety and Well-being of our stakeholders
M is for Mutual Respect, Trust and Integrity
C is for Creativity Driving improvement while maintaining full HSE compliance

To achieve these Core Values HMC employees must act in accordance with a number of business principles or “Code of Conduct”. This Code describes the aspirations of our company and provides the standard expected from each and every HMC employee for all decisions and business activities.

As we are judged by how we act, these Code Rules should not be regarded as a formal statement only; the behaviour of all at HMC should match our intentions and we should live up not only to the letter, but also to the spirit of these Rules. Only then can we give real meaning to our principles of trust and mutual understanding.

Every person employed at HMC Polymers has a responsibility to act ethically with the highest integrity in full compliance with all applicable laws and principles of ethical business conduct.

All employees at HMC have been instructed to raise awareness of possible violations or concerns and take action as detailed in this Code.

Everyone has been asked to read this document carefully and to become familiar with the contents, as each person is individually responsible for understanding and complying with its principles.

What is most important are the actions we take at HMC Polymers and the way we work together to achieve our business results. Knowing what is important to us and what our expectations are of one another assists good communication, swift action and a harmonious workplace.

We have a strong sense of responsibility towards all of our stakeholders: shareholders, business partners, employees, our community at large and the environment. I encourage visitors to this website to download and read the HMC Polymers Code of Conduct. The contents of this document is a firm corporate commitment and extends across every business activity in which our company engages.

The Code of Conduct sets clear expectations for how our employees must act internally and with external stakeholders. In addition, it defines how we expect our customers and suppliers should work with us in a spirit of reciprocity, fairness and trust.

I extend my thanks to all employees at HMC Polymers for their continued dedication and commitment to upholding the standards of ethical business conduct set forth in our Code of Conduct.


Siridech Kumvongdee
HMC Polymers Co., Ltd.

Code of Conduct – Thai PDF download
Code of Conduct – English PDF download