18 June 2018

3rd ASEAN Plastics Awards

Khun Thongchai Oranrigsupak, Chairman of the 3rd ASEAN Plastics Awards program under the theme: Going Towards Sustainable Value discusses how the awards program recognises innovation and excellence by the ASEAN Plastics Industry.

The ASEAN Plastics Awards are being arranged and sponsored by AFPI (ASEAN Federation of Plastic Industries) which was founded in 1981 by integrating the national Plastics Industrial Associations of ASEAN member countries.

During the 15th Term AFPI Council (2012-2014) meeting held on April 3rd, 2013 in Thailand, AFPI acknowledged the positive impact to our industry from foreign trade encouraging the plastics market to become more competitive, especially in commodity products.

Interview - Khun Thongchai Oranrigsupak, Chairman of the 3rd ASEAN Plastics Awards

In conversation with HMC Polymers, Khun Thongchai said: "Due to high levels of competition, most businesses providing only general services are struggling to survive. Many of them have failed. Only those who can differentiate or can operate at the lowest cost ultimately survive."

"Managers understand that the major objectives for survival are creative thinking, adding more value and building positive customer experience with their products. This helps their products to stay in the mind of the customer. Finally, businesses are pursuing sustainable growth."

"This contest aims to raise the standard of plastics manufacturing in ASEAN including design, product standards and sustainability under the theme: Going towards sustainable value. I also would like to invite all of you who are in these businesses to participate in this contest. The winners will be announced and awarded on September 21, 2018 at  the AFPI&APF Gala Dinner."

Contest Regulations
1)  Entries shall be submitted by individuals, companies or associations involved in any area of the plastic manufacturing process
2)  Entries (Products) must be manufactured and commercialised in ASEAN.
3)  Entries must not violate patents or copyrights.
4)  An applicant can enter as many products in as many different categories.
5)  An application form (download link) is for one entry per category.
In case an entrant would like to contend the product in several categories, separate application forms and products for each category are required. The entrant must fill in both parts of the application form. (The first part about the entrant’s information such as company name, etc. will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to the Judging Panel.)
6)  An entrant shall submit two duplicate entries for each category (provision in case of product damage).
7)  The costs of transporting an entry to and from the competition location and all exhibition expenses of the packages shall be covered by the relevant participants.

Judging Criteria  

  • Innovation and Function
  • Aesthetics
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Overall Impression

Product Categories
  • Houseware Products
    – trays, bowls, plates, utensils, trash cans, tables, chairs, furniture and other plastic containers.
  • Food Rigid Packaging
    – soft drink bottles, water bottles, juice bottles, ready-to-eat food containers, instant noodle cups, etc.
  • Non-food Rigid Packaging
    – oil containers, chemical bottles, detergent bottles, secondary packaging, etc.
  • Flexible Packaging
    – stand up pouches, form-fill-seal sachets for coffee, non-dairy creamer and ketchup, retorted pouches, etc.
  • Personal Care Packaging/Products
    – shampoo bottles, cosmetic jars, cream tubes, sample collection tubes, toothbrushes, baby feeding bottles, beverage bottles, liquid soap bottles, etc.
  • Medical and Healthcare Products/Devices/Packaging
    – saline bottles, saline bags, tube sets, syringes, pill containers, pharmaceutical bottles, ampules, blister packs, medical and health care equipment, lab and analytical test kits, etc.
  • Construction Products
    – pipes, fittings, construction equipment, electrical conduits, construction parts, etc.
  • Disposable Products
    – cutlery, chopsticks, straws, cups, tray boxes, plates, shopping bags, garbage bags, etc.
  • Electrical, Automotive, and other durable Products/Parts

What are the Special Awards?
Special awards for all plastic products have NO categories. There are 3 awards:
  • Sustainable Award for the winner who submits the products to compete in a sustainable award category.
  • Value Creation Award for the winner who submits the products to compete in value creation award category.
  • Invention Award for the winner who submits the products to compete in invention award category.

Who is eligible to participate?
  • Plastics converters
  • Manufacturers of resins, compounds, masterbatches, and pigments
  • Manufacturers of machines and moulds
  • Product/brand owners
  • Designers
  • People involved with the plastic industry

What are the objectives of this award?
  • To raise the standard of plastic manufacturing in the ASEAN region
  • To improve the quality and aesthetics of plastic products and encourage value added creation for plastic products
  • To promote the innovation in plastic products  

Contact details
ASEAN Federation of Plastic Industries
4th Floor, Zone C, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC)
60 New Rachadapisek Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110,
Phone: +66 (0)2 345-1006
Fax: +66 (0)2 229-4654

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ASEAN Plastics Awards
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What is AFPI?
The ASEAN Federation of Plastic Industries (AFPI) was founded in 1981 by integrating the national Plastics Industrial Associations amongst ASEAN countries. The AFPI, now with seven members, seeks to promote intra-ASEAN economic cooperation and coordination in the field of plastic industry. Its other purpose is to develop and initiate preparation and implementation of plans, programs and projects that will promote and advance intra-ASEAN plastic industries and trade.

AFPI consists of many organisations within member countries (of AFPI) namely:
  • The Indonesian Olefin Association
  • Aromatic and Plastic Industry Association (INAPLAS)
  • Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association (MPMA)
  • Myanmar Plastic Industries Association (MPIA)
  • Philippine Plastics Industry Assn. Inc. (PPIA)
  • Singapore Plastic Industry Association (SPIA)
  • Vietnam Plastics Association (VPA)